About The Owner

Niki has been a pet owner since the age of 10 and has shared her life with numerous cats and dogs over the years. She is currently mum to Ferdy, Dylan, Toby & Felix who are all cats, but also has many doggy friends, most of which she has met through her work.

Niki has worked at Pet Angels UK as one of its founders, since it was established in 2010 and has only one thing on her mind when she goes to work each day – the welfare of the animals entrusted to her care and she will do whatever it takes to ensure their mental and physical well-being.

Niki took over the company early 2021 after the previous owner and co-founder retired after 10 years of service. She is often found crawling around floors playing with dogs, or cuddled up with a cat in need of some company and can spend far more time than expected with them, helping them to feel relaxed and loved.

Niki is trained in the giving of medications of all sorts and has become quite adept at giving tablets, applying creams and eye drops, injecting insulin or syringing into mouths as required. Niki also holds a pet first aid certificate.

Late night vet runs for poorly animals is never an issue and Niki has needed to do a few, but luckily it’s quite rare. It’s not deemed going the extra mile, it’s just what we do.

It’s easy for Niki to love and care for every animal she looks after as she is an avid animal lover. Something she believes is essential in her job – although she says “It’s not really work…” and smiles.