Micro Chipping

Micro Chipping

At last, Pet Angels UK are now very pleased to offer a micro chipping service.

It can be a very stressful experience  for pets when taken to the vet, and sometimes you probably wish it could all be done in the comfort and familiar surroundings of the animals own home. Well NOW YOU CAN! Pet Angels UK carry out the micro chipping in just that way and come to you. No trekking down to the vet, less stress for your pet and a excellent value for money service, costing on average half the price of getting your pet micro chipped at the vet.

Each animal micro chipped receives a tag to show it is chipped that can be hung from their collar, and their owners details are then placed on petlog database so they can be traced in the event of a lost pet. The tag also carries a phone number to call in the event of finding a lost pet. You can read all about petlog here: http://www.petlog.org.uk/

Even if the collar and tag get lost, the chip will always remain, so there will never be any doubt about the owners.

The micro chipping scanner is carried on board Pet Angels Uk vehicles, so lost or injured animals can be scanned, and if a chip is found the owners can be notified as soon as possible.

Our pets are so very precious, don’t leave there whereabouts to chance. Chip your pet now.

Discount and special deals are available for litters of puppies, kittens, or any multiple numbers of animals from the same household.

Call or e-mail us for current special offers and deals.

Please see our price list page for usual rates.