About Us


After a lifetime of loving, caring for and owning pets and with a farming and medical  background, Pet Angels UK owner Karen, has turned her attention to the welfare of animals in a professional capacity.

Finding it difficult to watch any animal in distress or difficulty, Karen realised that her future lay in the world of helping animals and pets and has rescued many animals in trouble and would stop just as readily for an injured animal as she would a person.

Although Pet Angels UK is not essentially a rescue service, it is aimed at making the lives of our loyal friends more comfortable, by being there when their owners would love to be, but other commitments don’t allow.

Karen also comes from a medical background which assists her, when helping animals that have been injured.

Karen has a dedicated team of pet carers with the same attitude to animals, including  dog breeder, trainer and midwife Gill, who has spent more than ten years breeding and assisting bitches giving birth, and Nik who loves being with animals and has owned pets most of her life.

Together, the team are here to help make your life easier and to assist in the care of your pet when you need it most.

Pet Angels UK adopt a strict no smoking policy both in vehicles and properties for the health and cleanliness of both Pet Angels UK staff and your pet. We also carry first aid kits in our vehicles to assist in the welfare of any pet/animal in need.